Unlike standard continuing medical education (CME) programs, there are special requirements for emergency medicine. The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) has instituted a unique emergency medicine CME program they call Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

The CME-like component of the maintenance of certification is based on the LLSA – Lifelong Learning Self-Assessment. The LLSA is a list of 20 articles, each with multiple-choice questions. The LLSA reading list and LLSA test can be accessed online through the ABEM website.

LLSA reading lists:

  • 2012 LLSA Reading List
  • 2013 LLSA Reading List
  • 2014 LLSA Reading List
  • 2015 LLSA Reading List
  • The EM MOC consists of several other components, including an examination of Cognitive Expertise (ConCert [TM – ABEM]), a review of Professional Standing, and an assessment of Practice Performance. These were instituted in 2005 and are in addition to the LLSA.

    Other Resources

    Medicine Board Review – options for medicine board review including courses with 30-40 category 1 CME credits.

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