Continuing medical education courses in Pediatrics are available online from several sources. The cost and number of credits per course varies. The following is a list of free pediatric continuing medical education courses geared primarily to pediatricians.

Pediatrics CME

Practical Reviews in Pediatrics allows access to a database of family pediatrics, CME courses, quizzes, and audio reviews. Includes summaries of relevant studies and ways to apply this information in practice.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Pediatric Board Review provides a comprehensive pediatric board review, which will prepare physicians for board certification or re-certification. Up to 38.25 CME credits.

Harvard’s Comprehensive Review of Pediatrics consists of 65 lectures for board review. Up to 58 CME credits.

Pediatric CME Courses

Risk management in pediatrics
Category 1, 5 CME credits
From the MedRisk e-learning series for physicians
Understanding and preventing communication errors is one of the most important components to risk management, especially in pediatrics.

Promoting healthy families.
Category 1, each of three brief courses is worth 0.25 credit
From the Doctor’s Channel short vids for doctors


Please Note, these pediatric CME courses have not been reviewed for accuracy or completeness by the editors of

A variety of career information is also available on Pediatric Jobs and Pediatric Salaries.

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