Individuals interested in working in the health care industry but who do not want to deal directly with patients may be interested in getting an education at one of several medical transcription schools. Medical transcription schools provide students with the basic education needed to pursue a job as a medical transcriptionist. Below is some important information about the medical transcription as a career and as an education choice.

Medical Transcription Schools: The Basics

When choosing a medical transcription school, students should look at the curriculum being offered. The American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT) recommends that students opt for a 2-year program that includes approximately 240 hours of externships.

The curriculum should include courses on medical terminology, pharmacology, human anatomy and physiology, medical transcription procedures, and similar courses. A new component to many curricula is training on medical records software packages that integrate a transcription feature.

Students can choose from traditional medical transcription schools, usually vocational or community colleges, or from alternative distance education programs. However, the AAMT also recommends students pick a medical transcription school which provides opportunities for networking with instructors and students as these interactions can help prepare students for working in the field.

Medical Transcription Schools: The Future

After finishing the necessary training at one of the numerous medical transcription schools, positions may be difficult to find. Numerous positions are usually available, but it can be difficult for beginning transcriptionists to land that first job. The externships provided by many medical transcription schools, however, can make it easier for students.

Some medical transcriptionists do choose to work from home, but this does require an investment on their part. They must purchase equipment and other supplies, plus they must adhere to federal guidelines regarding patient privacy. However, experienced medical transcriptionists often find this method of work very rewarding.

Medical transcriptionists’ earnings vary depending on their location and on the type of medical setting in which they work. As of 2010, the median hourly wage for medical transcriptionists is around $16 per hour.

More Information About Medical Transcription Schools

To learn more about medical transcription schools and the medical transcription field visit the AAMT website, read “Area of Study: Medical Transcription“, or review “Medical Transcriptionists” at the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ web site. To learn about other health care careers, read “Medical Coding Schools,” “Medical Billing Schools,” or “Medical Jobs.”

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