Board Review Options

Certification by the ABIM, and recertification, are among the most important credentials for an internist. Effective review for the internal medicine board exam can be challenging – sub-specialty certification even more so. A variety of board review programs to assist the busy physician:

Audio/Video Medicine Baord Review

Designed to be full review programs on digital, these programs consists primarily of case-presentations and explanations on CD or DVD, presented by distinguished medical faculty. They focus on “high-yield” material for the IM board certification exam. DVD materials include discussion and demonstration of topics like X-Ray interpretations, reading ECG, peripheral lesions, and more. Self-test and test-taking skills are an important component.

An added benefit is that the review program available through NetDoc, and published by Oakstone Publishing, counts for 40 category 1 CME credits.

Live-course Board Review

Live review courses are offered in almost every major city in the US. The American College of Physicians runs courses throughout the year, but in only one city at a time (schedule).

Private companies also run effective board review courses. For example, the Own The Boards review course runs once a year in Dallas.

The time commitment and quality of the smaller courses can vary, but are generally taught by successful, board certified instructors who understand the exam. These courses can be right for you if your practice is somewhat specialized and you would benefit from a broad review of internal medicine topics.

Online Medicine Board Review

Online review courses have burgeoned in the last 5 years. The ACP has a brief list of online resources. These include online cases, notes, self-test and simulated exams.

These can be excellent supplements to a live course or other directed study program, but given that they are relatively new and their success has not been confirmed, they should probably only be used as a supplement.


Continuing Medical Education – Both free online CME credits (1-2 credits, typically sponsored by pharmaceutical companies) and larger courses (30-40 CME credits/course) at reasonable costs per credit.
ABIM – American Board of Internal Medicine
ACP – American College of Physicians
NetDoc – Physician resources

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