Current Neurology Jobs and Neurologist Demographics

According to the American Association of Neurologists year 2000 member census (ref. 1), there are 13,500 neurologists currently practicing in the U.S. Of these, the majority are men (about 78%) and white (83%+). The greatest concentration of neurologists (on a per capita basis) is in the Northeast.

Data bears out the physician community’s impression on the role of neurologists: 72% are adult neurologists, while only about 10% classify themselves as child neurologists. Nearly 90% are in clinical practice, but still about 50% are involved in clinical research.

The median Neurologist salary sits around $162,000, and of course this varies by region and experience. The median annual bonus is nearly $6000. (Ref. 2)

Outlook For Neurology Jobs

The outlook for physicians of all specialities is good, with job growth expected to be about at the average for all professions. There is little hard data for neurology prospects, however, based on basic population demographics job growth in neurology should be brisk.

Because several of the clinical conditions that fall under the umbrella of neurology increase with age, the graying of the country means increased need for neurologists. Stroke and neuro-degenerative diseases both increase with age, and specialists will be in great demand as baby-boomers continue to shift the mean age of the US population up.

Locum Tenens

Neurology locum tenens positions are abundant in almost regions of the U.S. Salary levels for these jobs are pegged to the national median, with minor adjustments for local cost-of-living.


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3. Jobs 2004: Primary care outlook – Medical Economics, May 2004

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