Although medical school and residency can be difficult, finding a first job after earning a medical degree can also be stressful. For this reason, many doctors turn to a physician recruiter for assistance.

Physician Recruiters – Background

A physician recruiter is usually employed by a hospital or other medical organization for the purpose of hiring talented doctors who will be a good fit with the position and the community. These recruiters can sometimes be “in-house” meaning they work only for that organization. Other recruiters are third-party firms who view the medical organizations as their clients, not their employers.

Regardless of the recruiters’ relationship with the organizations, their primary loyalty is not to the doctor who is looking for a position.

Instead, they review the CV’s (curriculum vitae) submitted by potential applicants, interview those which have the most potential for a given position, and make the hiring decision. Physicians, therefore, must submit their CV’s to these recruiters for consideration. This information is stored in a database which is referred to for any available position.

Because the physician recruiter works for the organization and not the doctor, the organization pays any fees associated with the hiring process. The physician pays nothing. The physician is also free to continue his or her job search independently and is under no obligation to accept a position offered by a recruiter.

To learn more about physician recruiters, doctors may want to visit the web sites of some of the recruiting firm, including the Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network, CompHealth, and Baker, Ellerd & Associates, Inc.

Other Physician Employment Resources

Physician recruiters are only one option for doctors who are seeking employment. Many web mj nsites also exist which can help physicians find available jobs. These sites allow members to search for jobs based on geography, position, salary, and more. Two examples of these resources are Vista Staffing Solutions and Physician*Net.

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