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Continuing medical education in ethics allows medical professionals of every discipline the opportunity to remain current on ongoing discussions surrounding the moral principles that apply to their practice. Topics include practical applications to daily concerns along with more scholarly background on its historical and philosophical roots. In particular a growing number of state licensing boards now require ethics continuing medical education for physician licensure. Of note, most but not all ethics curricula are developed by psychiatry faculty. Below are a few course examples of CME in medical ethics.

The Massachusetts Medical Society offers ethics CME online through their Continuing Education and Events page. Courses aid physicians in understanding the ethical complexities and possible options when offering apologies to patients or their families, negotiating advance directives with end-of-life preparations, and executing DNR, or do-not-resuscitate orders. These CME in ethics courses each offer 1 credit.

The University of Louisville Continuing Health Sciences Education has a course approved by the Texas Medical Board in the category of Medical Ethics/Professional Responsibility titled, “Ethical Issues in Healthcare.” This CME in ethics is structured for readers to review dilemmas that can face the current medical professional. 2 credits are available at completion of this ethics CME online course.

The University of Texas Medical School at Houston has ethics CME online courses developed by their own faculty. Two particular courses have been approved for ethics certification – “Intimate Partner Violence,” which confronts the legal and ethical responsibilities of a healthcare provider in the case of known domestic violence, and “Medical Mistakes,” which addresses the occurrence of human error in medicine and how admittance is the first step to future prevention. These CME in ethics courses each provide 1 credit.

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