Successfully completing all parts of the U. S. Medical Licensing exam is a challenge for medical students and interns, especially given their hectic schedules as residents. “Crush USMLE Step 3” was specifically designed to meet the needs of those students.

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Crush USMLE Step 3: The Answer for Busy Interns

Among the numerous test preparation books available for Step 3, Crush USMLE Step 3 is consistently the leader in the market. Unlike many similar reference guides, this one is presented in an easy-to-use manner so interns can fit studying into between calls.

Another advantage is that Crush USMLE Step 3 allows students to learn and practice their responses to the case scenarios on step 3 which often cause problems. Below are some other features which set Crush USMLE Step 3 apart from its competitors:

Written by Dr. Adam Brochert whose scores on Step 1 and 2 ranked in the 99th percentile:

  • Includes tips for handling computer-based case simulations, a newer addition to the exam
  • Tips and strategies for preparing for the test
  • Information on what to expect during the exam based on the author’s own experience

Plus, since Crush USMLE Step 3 is now available for BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod Touch, Palm, Palm Pre Classic,Symbian, Pocket PC & Smartphone, you can study at your convenience and on-the-go. To learn more about other medical software packages check out Medical Dictionary or Bakerman’s ABC’s of Interpretative Laboratory Data.

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