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Commonly called “free medical pda software”, medical PDA freeware refers to software packages geared to physicians and their handheld computers. A selected group of medical freeware can be downloaded at:

The most common free medical application for the PDA is the medical dictionary. However, several other PDA program are much more helpful.

One of my favorites is Archimedes. This is a medical calculator designed for Internal Medicine, but easily used by anyone on hospital rounds. Such medical calculators simplify acid/base calculations, TPN, GFR and a host of other relatively simple (but hard to remember) equations.

A brief list of free packages includes:

Archimedes – a free medical calculator
Diagnosaurus – helps with differential diagnosis
ARTbeat – helps you keep current withmedical news

One caveat in downloading medical freeware – it’s sometimes tough to know who wrote the program. Stick to professional, sponsored software packages to be sure that the information and equations you’re using are correct.

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