• USBMIS – a software solutions company that specializes in developing interactive, mobile applications for the healthcare industry.
  • Skyscape Medical References for the PDA – Comprehensive medical reference library with in-context linking for handheld devices.
  • MedsPDA catalog – comprehensive medical software catalog for the PDA.
  • GuineaSoft – reasonably priced software helps with rounds and call.
  • Medical mnemonics for the PDA – free PDA version of the Medical Mnemonics website. It rocks!
  • Compu-Consults – internal medicine programs on CD-Rom and Palm. 10% discount on software for students & residents.
  • PDAMD.com – software for med students and professionals
  • Handheldmed.com – U of OK, reviews and software
  • HandyMed LLC – U of MI, proprietary med software for sale
  • MedicaLogic.com medical documentation software free to students and residents
  • Epocrates – Peer-reviewed drug information

Physician Software

Peoria Design Web – Appointment scheduling software is a web based program to schedule medical employees online. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. The benefits of scheduling appointments online is that all medical staff are able to view and edit the schedule from any computer with an internet connection.

Medical Billing Software РPractice Management and Billing Software that provides an affordable network-able solution with all the financial, clinical, and operational elements needed to run a well managed medical practice. Seamlessly integrates appointment scheduling, medical claims management, patient records, electronic billing, and comprehensive financial reports. Cost Under $3,800. For Windows 2000, XP & VISTA. Online at MPMsoft

Free educational

HHMI learning resources – these are great!

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