Pepid has developed a suite of medical software packages for both PDA and web-based use by medical professionals and students. You can download and try these medical PDA software packages for free.

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At the core of the programs are high-quality medical calculators, a portable drug companion, and a drug interaction guide.

Software for Physicians and Medical Students

In addition to these basic functions, there are specialized medical PDA programs designed for different specific applications. For example, the Clinical Rotation Companion is designed as a quick and simple-to-use resource for medical students and residents in a hospital-based setting.

The Emergency Medicine Suite is geared to practitioners in the Emergency Department. It includes an emergency medical database organized to help with diagnosis, treatment and disposition.

The Primary Care Plus Suite

The Primary Care Plus Suite is designed for physicians in both the ambulatory care and hospital care settings. This provides a detailed description and discussion of disorders and disease a primary care physician will see in an office or in-patient practice.

Software for Nursing and EMT

Pepid has also developed three suites for nursing and EMT applications.

The Clinical Nursuing Suite contains nursing informatics tools – with an easy-to-use and quick interface. The most frequently used functions are the calculators (for example, IV drip rate calculator) and the drug interactions guide.

For oncology nursing, the Clinical Nursuing Suite + ONS is an enhanced version of the Clinical Nursing Suite. Extensive Hemo-Onc nursing and patient care information has been incorporated.

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Suiteis designed for use by EMS and EMT professionals. It provides easy access to signs and symptoms, patient assessments, interventions and patient transport information.

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