A variety of free medical software programs are available for the PDA / Handheld computer. To check out the selection and download, visit:

Many of these packages have corporate sponsorship, hence the “free” part. In general, these medical PDA references are of high quality, and are easily used.

A brief list of free packages includes:

ARTbeat – current medical news
Archimedes – medical calculator
Diagnosaurus – helps build differential diagnosis list

In addition to these programs, there are a host of free medical dictionaries, pharmacy guides, and “medical spanish” software packages for the PDA. Given the variety, not all packages are of consistently high quality. The three packages we’ve listed, however, are excellent.

For links to other medical PDA software packages (both free and commercial), visit our medical software links page.

The fastest growing class of med software is EMR packages that have been encouraged through the use of medicare enhanced payments to certain physician practices that convert to paperless medical offices.

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