Nursing apps for the iPad and iPhone can be a tremendous asset in medical situations – it puts the information you need at your fingertips. Below are some examples of useful nursing apps that are currently available.

Nursing iPad apps: Nursing Procedures

One example of beneficial nursing smartphone apps is Nursing Procedures. This program walks nurses through more than 500 procedures that they may be called on to perform are part of their duties. Each procedure’s instructions include details about which equipment is needed, what to do in case of complications, how to document the procedure correctly, and more.

Procedures can easily be searched for and over 700 illustrations help make the instructions even more clear.

Nursing apps: Handbook of Signs and Symptoms

Another useful nursing PDA package is the Handbook of Signs and Symptoms. With this handy program, nurses can connect the signs and symptoms patients exhibit with possible causes.

The software includes descriptions of more than 300 of the most common signs and symptoms, plus points out their level of urgency and what steps to take during the examination. Additionally, an appendix contains another 250 less common signs and symptoms.

The newest edition of the software also includes problems which may be caused by herbal remedies and special information for dealing with geriatric patients.

Nursing iPad App: Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses

Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses includes more than 800 built-in tools for dosage calculation to make it easier for nurses to ensure they give the right amount of medication to a patient.

Over 5,000 drugs in 150 classifications are covered by the program, including 500 common combination drugs and dosing recommendations for the 100 most popular pediatric medications.

The program also provides information designed to prevent errors and problems with the administration of drugs, such as “Do not crush” warnings and signs of toxicity to watch for in patients.

More Nursing Resources

To learn more about medical software or becoming a nurse, visit Nursing Degrees.

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