For decades Harrison’s Essentials of Medicine has been the most relied on reference in internal medicine – it’s been said that if you understand the first 80 pages of Harrison’s you understand the basics of medicine. Sort of like what they said about syphilis in the 1800s.

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Everyone in the medical field knows it is impossible to have all the answers all the time. In critical situations, a professional needs to be able to find those answers quickly and that’s why Harrison’s Manual of Medicine is the world’s best-selling internal medicine guide.

Now all of that knowledge is even more accessible because Harrison’s is available for smartphones, both iPhone/iPad and Android.

Easy Answers in Harrison’s Manual of Medicine App

Harrison’s Manual of Medicine was always up-to-date and comprehensive. Now in its 16th edition, this is still an accurate description.

However, the smartphone version makes finding answers as simple as a touching a screen. The newest edition includes even more of what made the last edition so vital to medical professionals. Here is just a partial list of features:

  • Initial Evaluation and Admission Orders
  • Diagnostic Imaging Modalities
  • Preoperative evaluation of the Medical Patient
  • Care of the Patient in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Cancer Prevention in At-Risk Populations
  • Bioterrorism-Associated Infections
  • Unstable Angina
  • Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Screening and Disease Prevention
  • Hundreds of tables and images make the content jump

For professionals just entering the field, for students needing an easy way to find learn the ropes, and for seasoned doctors and nurses needing to make snap decisions that affect the well-being of their patients, Harrison’s Manual of Medicine is the ideal solution.

Harrison’s Manual of Medicine can also be integrated with other software to provide an even more comprehensive resource for information. Plus, it is available for iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones.

To learn about other options, read Medical apps for the iPad and essential apps for medical students. Other smartphone apps specifically for medical students include USMLE Step 2 Secrets and the Tarascon PDA pharmacology reference.

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