Get and give smart phrases for EPIC charting system. Here’s your new peripheral brain.

Epic dot phrases

ABCD2 score for TIA

C difficile diagnosis and treatment

Altered mental status differential diagnosis and plan

Wells score for assessing PE risk

acetaminophen overdose plan

atrial fibrillation plan

dyspnea plan

dizziness plan

syncope plan

The Smart Phrase Database

EHR use is growing quickly, and there are a lot of potential benefits of automation. Among them, the ability to have preformatted phrases and statements both for documentation and for patient education. In the world of EHRs these are known as smart phrases or dot phrases.

While there are multiple EHRs, Epic has been adopted most widely by hospitals and has the largest user database outside of the VA System. Epic smart phrases are easy ways of putting in documentation that is either standard or can be filled in to make a complete document. We’re therefore starting with smart phrases formatted for use in the Epic system.

How to share an Epic Smart Phrase

Initially, we ask that you email your smart phrases to Put “Smart phrase” in the subject line, and in the body of the email give a title for the phrase, the smart phrase itself, and a 1-2 description of the phrase.

Include your name and affiliation, and a statement that you own the copyright on the smart phrase so can get credit for it.

So the dot phrase can be shared, include the statement: “As copyright owner of this text, I grant permission for its royalty-free use to anyone.”

Or if you prefer, you can quote Woody Guthrie: “This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright # 154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that’s all we wanted to do.”

Which smart phrases to share

The best phrases are those that:

  • You have written, so are free of copyright restrictions.
  • Have brief references so any equations or evaluations can be looked up. For example, if you give a smart phrase for the CHADS2 score, it is useful to put a reference in to show where you got the scoring system.
  • Has placeholders to fill in unknowns, specifically “***”
  • Uses standard variable names, like @mg@.
  • Are short, being no longer than about 150-200 words.

The Disclaimer You Knew Was Coming

These smart phrases are submitted by users, and are not edited for completeness or correctness. Use your clinical judgement, edit them to make them right and work for you., and its owner Medical Resource Group, LLC, cannot assume any responsibility for the phrases. If you use the phrases in your chart notes you alone are responsible for the correctness of the content of the chart note.

Other Resource

Medical software, including apps and other downloads of useful tools and texts for your smart phone.

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