Medical office software is helping the modern doctor’s office run more efficiently. Some of these programs literally help the staff manage every aspect of the office from appointments to records to finances. Below is an overview of two examples of medical office software currently available.


MedicsElite, developed by Advanced Data Systems which has been developing technology for the medical field since 1977, combines many of the most important features of medical office management into one program. As with many pieces of medical office software, MedicsElite can be used on Windows computers and on Palm devices which provides doctors, nurses, and staff members with greater flexibility and record portability.

Below is a partial list of some of the aspects of the MedicsElite program:

  • Patient information records
  • Financial ledger detailing patients’ billing and payment history
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Customizable reports for the medical office

More information about MedicsElite medical office software can be obtained at

Brickell Medical Office

Brickell, an early developer of medical office software, created a comprehensive Windows-based program that allows the staff to have all of the necessary information at their fingertips, which makes effectively treating patients and maintaining a profitable practice possible. The program provides a number of valuable features:

  • Gives staff members the ability to store/retrieve documents, images, video clips, and audio files related to the patient’s treatment
  • Allows staff to generate and track prescriptions
  • Includes billing features specific for workman’s compensation claims
  • Offers a training mode that helps users get comfortable with the program before using it in real situations

Additional details about this medical office software and its features are available at

EMR Experts

In addition to traditional medical billing packages, EMR facilitated packages are also available: EMRExperts medical office software.

For information on other medical software programs, read “Medical Practice Software” and “Medical Records Software.”

Other Software

EMR Software packages are growing in popularity among both hospitals and physician practices of all sizes.

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