Medical billing software is just one example of the variety of programs available to make medical offices work more efficiently. Although some training is required to use most of the software packages available, the programs can expedite data entry processes, ensure greater billing accuracy, and reduce the hassles of record-keeping.

Below you’ll find an overview of a couple of examples of medical billing software currently on the market.

Medisoft Version 10

Medisoft is one of the more popular examples of medical billing software. The program is even taught in a number of medical billing schools to prepare graduates for working with the software on the job. Here are some examples of how Medisoft can boost medical billing efficiency:

  • Generates automatically patient statements
  • Allows for quick sorting of files for convenience
  • Sends statements automatically based on the pre-defined needs of the user
  • Helps to prevent violations of HIPAA regulations
  • Gives users the ability to create new forms or to edit existing ones in order to meet their needs.

These are just a few of Medisoft’s feature. By streamlinging and automating many aspects of the billing process, the program takes some of the pressure off of employees and makes it easier to track billing information for patients, insurance companies, etc.

More information about Medisoft is available at


Lytec is one of the most widely used medical billing software packages. As with Medisoft, Lytec is also used in many medical billing education programs because of its popularity in medical offices around the country.

Below are a few of the features Lytec 2006 will offer:

  • Manages all insurance claims
  • Reports past due balances for both patients and insurance companies
  • Notifies employees when patients owe a balance or when they are required to make a co-payment
  • Provides more security options, including the option to encrypt the entire database
  • Analyzes the profitability of the referring physician network

Lytec’s software enables medical office workers to stay more informed about patients’ payment requirements and prevents common mistakes, such as forgetting to collect co-payments, which can cause future problems. The program also simplifies the process of collecting on past due amounts.

Additional details about Lytec medical billing software is available at

EMR Experts, Inc.

EMR Experts is an industry leader in Medical Billing Software Solutions and Electronic Medical Record software. For nearly 5 years we’ve been helping offices improve their profitability, reduce their expenses and and go paperless through EMR-PM software. Our unique approach to helping doctors buy, implement and maintain their software has helped hundreds of private medical practices achieve incredible results. If you already own an EMR or are thinking about purchasing an EMR then you need a Medical Billing Software that is capable of interfacing with an EMR; our solutions do just that. The interface will automatically move your patient demongraphic information and electronic superbill seamlessly between the two systems. For more information please visit our website (, there you can read our free Electronic Medical Record eBook or request a free online EMR software demonstration.

For individuals interested in programs other than medical billing software, they should read “Medical Office Software” or “Medical Practice Software.”

Other Software

EMR Software packages are growing in popularity among both hospitals and physician practices of all sizes.

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