Medical records software, often abbreviated as EMR software, has become essential in today’s doctor offices and hospitals.

Managing and storing thousands of records used to be time-consuming and inefficient. With the software currently available on the market, that’s no longer the case. Below are examples of some of the electronic medical records software programs being used in physician practices and hospitals.

EMR Experts

EMR Experts offers a full range of Electronic Medical Record software. EMR solutions are available in both web-based and client-server models providing the flexibility to access records from home or the hospital. The EMR package also includes feature such as e/M level coding, specialty specific templates, lab interfaces to Quest and Labcorp, electronic prescribing, electronic faxing, patient education and much more. The EMR system is designed to interface with many medical billing software packages, or can be bundled as an integrated EMR/PM system. More information or for a free demonstration of the medical record software are available by completing an EMR demo request form.


EMRitus was developed by a company called Ergo Partners which has been involved in the electronic medical records software field since 1997. The multiple modules which make up the EMRitus medical records software were developed with input from the doctors and nurses who use those records daily in their jobs and who have ideas about how to handle them more efficiently. As a result the EMRitus program included a number of features, such as:

Recording a patient’s contact and employment information
Listing of all of a patient’s medical problems and their treatment status
Allowing paper records to easily scanned and incorporated into the electronic records
Tracking patient’s medication
aintaining information on assessment and treatment plans

Programs such as EMRitus make it easier for physicians and nurses to stay up-to-date on a patient’s condition and to provide the appropriate treatment. Visit for more information on the EMRitus medical records software.

Charting Plus

Charting Plus is another example of electronics medical records software being widely used today. In fact, the program has been adopted by more than 8,000 users. One benefit of Charting Plus is that it can be used on Tablet PCs so the stored medical records can be more portable. Charting Plus includes a number of unique features:

Providing appropriate coding for medical treatments
Giving users the ability to create and print off patient instructions, referral letters, prescriptions, and more
Offering HIPAA-certified security for patients’ medical records
Allowing instant access to important information, such as immunization records, body mass index charts, and preventative medicine reminders

Like most medical records software, Charting Plus is also expandable to fit the specific needs of its users and their patients. More information on Charting Plus is available at the Medinotes web site.

For more information on medical software, read “Palm Medical Software” or “Medical Billing Software.”

Other Software

EMR Software packages are growing in popularity among both hospitals and physician practices of all sizes.

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