Researchers at the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University began publishing their annual Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in June 2003. The ARWU uses objective indicators for their international rankings, including the number of alumni and faculty winning Nobel Prizes and Field medals, the number of articles published in the scientific journals Nature and Science, and per capita performance with respect to the size of an institution.

According to the ARWU, nine out of the top 10 medical schools in the world are in the United States. The 2012 rankings for Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy are as follows:

    1. Harvard University
    2. University of California, San Francisco
    3. University of Washington
    4. The Johns Hopkins University
    5. Columbia University
    6. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
    7. University of California, Los Angeles
    8. University of Cambridge
    9. Stanford University
    10. University of Pittsburgh

For additional world rankings, see the ARWU website.

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