2014 Rank #6
Yale School of Medicine

Location: New Haven, CT

Tuition: $49,500

Current Enrollment: 398

Curriculum: In addition to their core curriculum, first and second year students take courses on complex medical decision making and electives such as translational research or global health. All students are required to complete a thesis on original research in order to graduate.

Clinical Training: During their third year, students complete core clerkships that last anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months. Fourth year students will have time to participate in local and global electives and continue their research projects. They may enroll in an optional fifth year if they want more time to complete their research or study abroad. 

Student Support: Students Helping Students is a program in which second-year students work with first-year students to help them transition into medical school. They help students navigate the curriculum, manage time, run problem-solving sessions, and stress group-learning. 

URL: http://medicine.yale.edu/education/curriculum/index.aspx

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