2014 Rank #4 (Tie)
Stanford University School of Medicine

Location: Stanford, CA

Tuition: $48,999

Current Enrollment: 461 students

Curriculum: In addition to basic coursework, every medical student participates in the Scholarly Concentration program, which is analogous to an undergraduate major. Scholarly Concentrations can range from bioengineering to medical education or community health. Students develop their clinical skills through the Educators-4-Care Program, which spans the four years of medical school and focuses on fostering Compassion, Advocacy, Responsibility, and Empathy.

Clinical Training: Required 1-month and 2-month clerkships are completed in the third and fourth year. The Reflections, Research, and Advances in Patient Care curriculum lasts through the clinical years, giving students and opportunity to reflect on and reinforce their clinical experiences. Fourth year students have more flexibility, allowing them to continue work within their scholarly concentrations or complete additional clinical rotations.

Student Support: Students will work closely with one of four advising deans to navigate their way through the pre-clerkship and clinical curriculum, and prepare for life as a resident. Advisors are available to help students find the resources they need to maximize their opportunities during medical school. 

URL: http://med.stanford.edu/md/

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