2014 Rank #4 (Tie)
Baylor College of Medicine

Location: Houston, TX

Tuition: $6,550 (in-state); $19,650 (non-resident)

Current Enrollment: 747

Curriculum: Students complete their core coursework in 18 months, as opposed to the usual 24 months, without compromising their performance on the national board exam. This shortened curriculum gives students extra flexibility; they can use the extra months to prepare for the boards, conduct research, take additional elective courses, and study abroad. Each student is required to complete a Scholarly Project with a faculty advisor prior to graduation.

Clinical Training: Students complete their required rotations in one of eight affiliated hospitals, giving them early clinical experiences in a variety of health care settings. They can also pursue additional elective rotations, and enter specialized tracks such as Genetics, International Health, or Medical Ethics, to further explore different areas of medicine. Fourth year students participate in a course that aids their transition to life as a medical resident.

Student Support: First year students are divided into peer advising groups, giving them an opportunity to connect with faculty members and students from other classes. Faculty and university deans also provide regular academic counseling to help students with career planning.

URL: https://www.bcm.edu/education/schools/college-of-medicine/

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