UC San Diego Medical School

2014 Rank #7
University of California San Diego School of Medicine

Location: San Diego, CA

Tuition: $31,134 (in-state); $43,379 (non-resident)

Current Enrollment: 526

Curriculum: The university recently launched the Integrated Scientific Curriculum, which integrates basic medical science and clinical medicine during the pre-clerkship years. First and second year students have time in their schedules to take elective courses that reflect their personal interests. Students must also complete an original Independent Study Project with a faculty mentor prior to graduation.

Clinical Training: Third year students do their required clerkships at affiliated teaching hospitals in the area, which last anywhere between 1 month and 3 months. At the end of third year and throughout fourth year, students complete additional requirements in ambulatory care, inpatient care, and primary care, as well as elective clinical rotations. 

Student Support: Students are in one of six academic communities, made up of 21 medical students from each class. Each community has a faculty director and additional faculty members who provide mentoring, counseling, and general support.

URL: https://meded-portal.ucsd.edu/

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