2014 Rank #5
Mayo Medical School

Location: Rochester, MN

Tuition: $43,150

Current Enrollment: 194

Curriculum: During the first two years, core classes are taught in blocks with one or two week sessions in between, leaving room for students to take selective courses and explore different areas of medicine. Second year students integrate morning courses with small-group clinical experiences facilitated by faculty in the afternoon.

Clinical Training: Mayo Medical School boasts the highest ratio of patients to medical students in the world, so there is no shortage of available clinical experiences. Third year students complete core clerkships, as well residency boot camp and research projects. Fourth year students participate in advanced rotations that reflect their career goals.

Student Support: First year students are paired up with a faculty mentor who helps with career guidance. During third year, advisors aid students in planning out a fourth year schedule that will prepare them for their desired residency programs and future careers.

URL: http://www.mayo.edu/mms/programs/md

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