Your GPA and MCAT scores are two of the biggest determinants of whether and where you will get into medical school. StudentDoc’s med school finder can help you see how competitive your scores are for medical schools across the country.

High grade point averages and MCAT scores are big concerns not just for aspiring medical students, but for the schools as well. They influence medical school rankings, which in turn impacts fund-raising, faculty recruitment, and much more. With competition fierce, the top medical schools set the bar extremely high and snatch up the best students. Med students who entered the Southeast’s No. 1 ranked Duke and No. 2 Virginia, for example, had (on average) an undergrad GPA of 3.86 and 3.9 respectively.

Here are StudentDoc’s best-ranked medical schools for the Southeast:

  1. Duke University
  2. University of Virginia
  3. Vanderbilt University
  4. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  5. University of Alabama, Birmingham
  6. University of Florida
  7. Emory
  8. Medical College of Georgia
  9. University of Puerto Rico
  10. University of South Florida
  11. University of Miami
  12. University of Kentucky
  13. University of Mississippi
  14. Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University
  15. University of South Alabama

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How to display the “Best Medical Schools” badge for medical schools in these rankings.

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